Q. and A.

Q. Dear W.S.,
 I do not go to the GSA, and I am not a teacher there but I want to start receiving the weekly strawberry weekly. How can I start getting it? Please help!
- W.S. starved

A. Dear W.S. starved,
   I am so sorry but you can not receive the weekly strawberry weekly, it is exclusively for GSA staff and students,(and certain others, you know who you are) but please feel free to visit our site look at updates and maybe someday we will put up an online issue of the Weekly Strawberry but for now we are sorry. But again please don't stop looking at updates, and visiting the site!
- the W.S.

Q. Dear W.S,
 Hey, I don't go to GSA either, BUT I WANT IT! And it is not fair that some get it who don't go there. And how can I become one of them?
- Not Faired!

A. Dear Not Faired!,
 We are sorry (again) but truthfully the people who get them live by us or with us. And we can't even give it to everyone we know and live by, but like we said maybe in the future it will be accessible to most of Austin Texas!
- The W.S.

What is a Weekly Strawberry Subscriber?

A weekly strawberry subscriber is someone who gives a certain amount of money (their choice how much money they give) to the weekly strawberry. This person will get one issue every week (except over summer, spring, and winter breaks)
and help get an issue of the weekly strawberry out every week, because it cost money, money out of our boss' pocket, and with out the help, and kindness of donations/subscriptions after a while the weekly strawberry might close because of lack of money.
But don't give to much money and you are not required to pay if you want an issue each week it would just be really nice.