Can you say Strawberry with out the word Berry?
No you can't. So that means we hear at this place of business are not merely hollow bendy...Straws
We are also Berrys! And don't for get it! But which berry are you?

Q.1 Which 4 words describe you best?                        Q.3 Are you mostly a leader or follower?
    A.) Sweet, unique, vivacious, bright                   A.) Oh well we mostly make all choices mutually in my group of friends                                                                  B.)    Well I am not really a fowllower, but I wouldnt consider myself the "boss"                                                                                                    
 B.) Kind, quiet, sweet, creative
    C.) Leader, artistic, loud, different

Q.2 Whats you favorite color out of these? 
   A.) A rich red
   B.) A calming, soft yellow or green
   C.) A bright vibrant orange